Pond Liner Comparison -Sheet EPDM vs. Liquid EPDM Rubber

Pond is always being an enormous attraction for the people who love beauty and want something different and nature friendly in their home. But definitely they don’t want to have leaks and use different type of strategies to solve this problem and share with each other. After locating the leak, you have a simple job, go and bring Pond Pro 2000 Made in USA and get relaxed for ten years.

Obviously common man is not an expert about pond liner so cannot decide technically that which liner is best according to all necessities. EPDM Pond Liners are being trusted more than decades of years by people because of their durability, low budget and warranty. Lots of reasons are here to make them majority’s choice. It is easy to chose liner but confusion starts when we have to chose one of them rubber or liquid. Let’s see which one is better.

Rubber sheet properties

To store water where its availability is not too much and storing it in proper hygienic conditions is hard to do .With Application on Pond Liners water can be stored for extended period of time.
They are stiff and not flexible, their weight is not light and they are not stretchable so enough hard to resist puncture. As the rules and regulations of the local governing authorities EPDM pond liners are globally accepted Eco-friendly. Big leaks and damages can be covered easily but may be small leaks left because of sheets stiffness and inflexibility.


Liquid Form EPDM Pond Liners has also quality of durability and resistance against puncture .it becomes wall between ground and water and its presence make it sure that water life will not be disturbed. Extra quality it has got, being in liquid form it can cover all the area, corner and hidden places. Nothing can be left or out of reach because of its flexible approach. Ten years warranty is telling that its manufacturers are much confident about its performance. For all type of leaks and damages it works swiftly. It has no match in industry .


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