How to fix your pond leaks in few easy steps

Finding leaks are common with ponds owner but too much frustrating No one wants it to have again and again .Everyone wants a perfect solution for problem so that next time no botheration could be the part to stop life. For long and right solution of this problem has been done by pond pro. That is not very difficult to repair your pond by your self – Pond Pro 2000 has made it very easy. Here some necessary tips have been given to repair pond easily by you. Very important is to mark your level and take notes in regards to the water loss. Date, weather, amount of water lost etc must be noted so could be avoided next time or be careful in that season. . Find the leak where it is located? Main important thing is to find the leak and it becomes sometimes very difficult. For this make pond empty and if any water tap or fountain is on then turn it off and start working. If you find it without this it is ok. Bottom leak needs to fully drain the pond.

  1. Remove at least six inches of water around the leak and provide enough space to work without allowing water to seep in.
  2. Remove aquatic animals from the pond and place them any other safe place.
  3. Purchas a pond liner repair kit. The kit you need would be according to pond liners type. For example, a special adhesive and cleaning process will required for EPDM rubber liners than a PVC or vinyl liner for your pond liner repair.
  4. Make sure to clean the area  clean all debris and allow it to dry before patching. Make sure the piece you plan to use as a patch is also clean, to ensure the adhesive will allow the patch to stick properly.
  5. Use a wire brush wire brush to add texture to the area allows the patch to adhere properly. After applied, use a roller to make smooth the patched area without wrinkles or bubbles.
  6. Check back that all leaks have been cured. After that refill the water and put your fish back in the pond

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