How to extend pond liner’s life in easy steps

Punctured Pond liner is a common problem

 Pond liner has punctured and virtually all the water has drained out, probably 10″ left now it’s stopped draining away oh! That is very common problem among pond owners. My fish are dying and plants are being destroyed. With one puncture all the beauty become disturbed and some time destroyed. A better way of keeping it healthy for long time could be possible when liner must be taken care, when owner would give attention towards maintenance.

Solution is not replacing the liner or pond place

 Mostly people use to change the liner or place of pond but that is not the final solution. Again the same problem can be happened then what? You must be careful to choose the liner first .Second you need to have good maintenance of the liner so the problem could be stopped in start.

Try to protect the natural look of your pond and keep it clean

Sometimes people add a lot of artificial things in pond and they become a reason of puncture. Some sharp corner things or having edges, can tear the liner so be careful about that. Keep your pond free from those types of things. Keep it clean from unnecessary things.

Change the water timely and keep your pond fresh, it is also good for liner to be protected from acidic effect of stale water or fungus or algae, which effect liner too. Obviously it’s healthy for fish and plants.

If you have punctured liner then repair it timely to extend its period

Don’t waste time by waiting if you will repair little puncture it will also extend life of liner as pressure of water would be balance again if repair otherwise; it will become cause of other leaks.

Complete kit of repairing tools you must have at the time of repairing better to call any expert to install or repair so that work could be done with accuracy. You may not have the problem again.

The unique EPDM pond liner has longer life than other

EPDM pond liner is aquatically safe highly stable material of that stays flexible in extreme temperatures and puts more versatility in the pond design. Harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation (UV), ozone and other environmental conditions cannot destroy it. It has ability to stretch over many objects.

Its maintenance and repair is easiest. No regular maintenance is required and hardly needs repair .If required repair then very easy to do without removing the liner from pond and without any skill or special tool.


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